Proud to call Atlanta home?

Where have I been? Somehow I missed this news story. Apparently a 20-something with Bi-Polar Disorder recently went ape-shit on an elderly lady on the subway. It was caught on video, and of course it then went viral on YouTube.

Once she was arrested, the outcries for sympathy and understanding from the family went out to the local media. And subsequently TONS of vlogs came out in response to her actions, her arrest, her family, etc. All I can say is watch the video and form your own opinion. Be aware that this is FULL of vulgarities if you are going to view it around others.

My personal opinion is that this is a disgrace! Bi-Polar or not. It was her responsibility to take her medication. It was a conscious choice not to do so, and therefore she should be held accountable for her actions when she didn't. If you choose to drink and drive, you have to answer for it when you are arrested or when you cause an accident.

As far as the brother posting a plea on YouTube for sympathy and understanding, maybe having her family take up for her over the years gave her the comfort to feel like she can do what she wants with no consequence. Get over it. If she takes the heat for what she did, she will have to be a responsible adult and not only answer for her actions, but realize the importance of taking care of herself and her "condition".

As for how this situation went down... it is even more of a disgrace how the other passengers on this train let it go on and on and on before even asking her to chill out, then finally grabbing hold of her when her tirade was turned to them. How disgusting! She could have given that elderly lady a freakin heart attack! Bet you would have jumped up and handled it if she was in YOUR grandmother's face like that though!

What should have happened was a group of the passengers should have jumped her ass and held her down until the police arrived. Didn't y'all learn anything from flight 93 on 9/11?

And as for her due process? She had an overly generous judge who called a dead docket and forwarded the case to a pre-trial mental health intervention program. Sorry. Too late for that. She has been diagnosed. She refused to take her meds. She needs to be held accountable.

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