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BORN AGAIN (Paramedic) - Re-Baptism By FIRE

I have actually found some much needed peace during my sabbatical over the last few months. Translation: By accepting a short lived job at Slacker EMS, running hand-me-down totes and nursing home sniffles, I shrugged off my shit-magnetism.... for a while.

I have done nothing but sing the praises about the new job with Grady Jr. EMS, the wonderful work conditions, nice trucks and equipment, friendly and caring staff and management, etcetera. I found my first few shifts after being released were being jammed into holes in the schedule until my permanent position officially opened on Jan 4. Nothing unusual for EMS really. I was slotted to work with the Fulton/Dekalb division based just outside of downtown Atlanta for my first few shifts. This division handles all the hospital contracts for Emory Healthcare (Emory University Hospital, Emory Crawford Long, and all the Emory Geriatric facilities around the university campus), Dekalb's main hospital, Dekalb's Hillindale campus, and At…