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HURRICAINE SCREWS NEW ORLEANS - Where have I heard this one before?

As New Orleans (and the rest of Southern Louisiana) prepares to be seriously fucked for the second time in three years...

My favorite Louisiana blog buddy, the Paramedic I wanna grow up to be... Kelly, ( aka "Ambulance Driver", aka "A.D." ) prepares for a 6am shift tomorrow in New Orleans. He has packed and prepped, as all good public safety folks do, to spend several days stuck at work, possibly unable to leave, most likely his relief unable to get in, and tons of 911 calls awaiting his attention.

Please say a little prayer for him, and all his colleagues as Gustav ass rapes Louisiana tomorrow.

My only question is this:
As we EMS peeps have lovingly referred to Katrina evacuees as Katricians, will Gustav evacuees be Gustavians? Nope, that almost sounds classy.

Forgot about this one...



My friend Stephanie sent this today in a bulletin. It's not the original video by the band, but maybe even more moving. As I watched the 9/11 footage infused with clips of our soldiers caught up in this goddam war... I WAS MOVED TO TEARS.

Whatever your political affiliation or views, surely we all can appreciate the loss of life (world wide) this war has cost, and continues to cost every day, as well as the snow-balling political and economical fallout.

The media box is posted here, but to really appreciate it you have to use the actual YOUTUBE link below, and view it FULL SCREEN.