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9/11 "Memorial" in Marietta - SUCKED ASS!!!

We checked around for a 9/11 memorial service to attend today, being that we are Paramedics by trade, American by birth, and might I add... HUMAN in SPIRIT by the grace of God. Most were either too far to drive, or started too early to beat rush hour. The AJC listed one in Marietta at the Cobb Civic Center at noon.

My first mistake was assuming that it was organized by Cobb Co. leaders or Public Safety Officials. My second mistake was assuming that it would be a service to memorialize those who died on 9/11 - EMS, Police, and Fire... as well as civilian, and also as a tribute to our Military personnel who have served since then to "fight the war on terror" and those who served even before 9/11. Boy howdee, were we wrong.

This disgusting service was organized by a right wing religious cooperative, formed from local church groups, who took this day of Honor and Remembrance and degraded it by NOT having a true memorial service, but rather sounding a call to action (in the name of…