Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Aunt's Touching Words

My Aunt Shirley is pushing mmm I'd say 65-66 years old. She won't actually admit to me just how much older she is to my dad - who is 62 this year. Bless her heart, she gets on AOL and sends e-mails, forwards jokes, and occasionally has been known to IM. Not bad for a lady her age with no formal education. I am honestly impressed with her eagerness to keep up with friends and family by way of ye ole internet. So I sent her the links to my blog here, honestly because she has been digging at why I no longer work at Grady. Last night when I read my e-mail I got this touching reply:

"What a wonderful touching e-mail about 9=11 (she addresses me by my family nickname that I will NOT share with you schmoes) you have a wonderful way of writing have you found a job? Im sure what ever you did at Grady it was good Im sure you got tired of all the people who used the hospital for a doctor office instead of going to the dr.But the job you are trained for is important I wish we had got someone who cared and knew their job as much as you do when we called for help for Wayne (my uncle) he might have had a chance and still be here Talk later aunt shirley"

I am thrilled that someone in my dad's family thought so highly of the job I chose, and has so much faith in me. Certainly more sentiment about it all than my dad ever chose to share. None the less, her comments touched me deeply.