The Kidnapping of Lucy

I had a late arrival home last night. 11:30 give or take a few minutes. As usual, I backed my crappy Kia into the space designated to my townhouse with a faded #13 painted on the asphalt. My eyesore of a car, currently missing the left rear door window (temporarily patched by an industrial sized black garbage bag), shared a single space with Lucy. Lord knows I have had enough pissy ass neighbors bitching about my household owning three vehicles and where we park them. Lucy was all snug in her parking place last night when I arrived home.

Who is Lucy? Lucy was my 2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750 motorcycle. She was practically the one remaining material thing from my 4+ year relationship with Candice. A nice stretched frammed classic styled fat fendered cruiser, painted brugundy, with a suprisingly appealing factory chrome package. Lucy saw me through a nasty divorce, an even more ugly rebound, and all the follies associated with Jordan. She has carried me on the 2005 Trail of Tears ride, and on a more fond note carried Lenya and I on our first breakfast date.

I awoke this morning with the intension of running out for breakfast while Lenya was on her way home from work, just to meet her back at the house with fresh biscuits. To my complete and total devistation..... Lucy was gone. Someone had taken her during the night. Despite the sudden realization that I still have $4700 left on the note, I was completely overwhelmed by anger and rage.... AND sadness.

Today, I lost a friend. I wish Lucy would come home. :-(

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