I'll take BAD NEWS for $500, Alex....

The verdict is in. Yesterday's appointment with the orthopaedic was less than promising. Thanks to 9+ years in high volume, 911 EMS, that has mostly functioned under the "Spawn of Satan" System Status Management... (Grady & Metro), I have purchased my ticket to return to school this Fall.

May I explain the X-Ray...

The more solid chunks are the vertebrae of my lumbar spine. The dark spaces between are the disks. The two disks marked at the top are L2-L3 & L3-L4. The thin sliver is L4-L5. This disk is at 1/3 it's normal size. It has deteriorated. The next disk is L5-S1. It is decorated as well, but not as bad as the one above it. It is also displaced anteriorly (toward the front) leaving the posterior portions of the L5 &S1 vertebrae to grind against each other. Good explanation for the worsening, now debilitating pain I have endured for the last 3 months, for why my legs don't want to work, and for why I have completely collapsed to the floor twice - first time with incontinence (yeah you wanted to hear that, you know you did).

I am sure there a few choice people in this world who will convince themselves that this ordeal is my Karma for all the terrible woes I have inflicted upon them. Sorry to tell you... this started long before I knew EITHER OF YOU. So get over yourselves, really!


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