Bored Flamers....

I am simply amazed at those who lack tack and diplomacy, no matter what level of dyke drama has ensued in the last three months. Two certain people feel that it is their business and right to stick their two cent's in WHERE IT DON'T FUCKING BELONG.

Candice, Mike, and Matt have lost their sister. Loretta has lost a daughter. Three precious children lost a mother. And that is that. I asked my blog readers for their prayers and well wishes for this family during this tragedy. What do I get? What does this family get? VENOM! Hateful, spiteful VENOM! From two people who don't know this family, have never met any member of this family, who have no direct knowledge of the situation, and most especially don't know the events and circumstances leading up to and surrounding the situation.

Ex called me Sunday, while driving to BootyCall's from West Virginia. She actually had the audacity to argue with me about how this was NEVER a murder. I am sure she was cued by BootyCall's snooping on the internet (see article attached to her "anonymous" comment on my previous post).

Let me tell you this. The media is RARELY privy to the full details of an investigation. As a 911 provider who once worked closely with police on crime scenes - DUH! You should know this. You yourself have seen details of crimes and scenes that are never released to the media. We all have.

As I returned home yesterday, I read the flaming smear so cowardly posted under anonymous. I was slack jawed. Just when I think these two can't stoop any lower.

Well folks... there is a new sheriff in town. And it's time for a change.

Amanda's death, be it by "accident", or as the result of THE DOMESTIC DISPUTE WHICH WAS IN PROGRESS AT THE TIME... has opened my eyes.

I finally had enough. I put my foot down and ended our "relationship" for good. And I'm strong enough to have the courage to do so. I loved her too much to see her in jail that day.

Whatever the case... just proves my point. Some folks are just spiteful, vengeful, venomous women... WHO ARE PERFECT FOR EACHOTHER! The two of them can live in dyke drama bliss for the rest of their lives.

All actions have their reactions.

Thanks to the venomous comments on my blog, the posts on hers (which was entirely deleted yesterday - but not before it was printed out in it's entirity), harrassing phone calls, and the obvious lack of KNOWING WHEN TO STOP...

Some new changes:

(1.) As I type, TPO's are being processed with the local courts/police. TPO's are restraining orders. It was a little tricky to manage seeing as I didn't have addresses for these two. Not that I want them. Last thing I need is someone saying I stalked them or harrassed them. One moved to Auburn, Alabama. One is between residences. But the police are working on figuring all that out.

(2.) ALL NEW E-MAIL ADDRESSES. If you try AOL e-mail it prolly won't go through. My inbox is maxed out. Sooommmmeeone has seen fit to subscribe me to tons of spam, porn sites, weight loss recipies, magazines, bidding sites, male enhancement products, you name it. So much in-fact, that I have filed grievances with my ISP and THEIR ISP, and it is in the process of being traced for possible criminal prosecution by the ISP's (not me). Interestingly enough... many of these sites LOG YOUR ISP when you sign up. I happened across one of the bidding sites I was illegally signed up for, and according to their legal section, it seems that the FCC and FBI don't take too kindly to folks creating false accounts in regards to financial transactions. Big NO NO. So, next stop... FBI & FCC greivances.

(3.) Changes to the blog. It's a damn shame that I am having to go to all these extremes to just be LEFT THE HELL ALONE!!! I honestly don't think that either of them realizes how much BS the other is spinning when it comes to me, her, and someone's long term inability to just fucking decide who she want's to love, screw, and live with. I moved to start a new life, despite the lies and deception just to be allowed to move back in. I am content to remain single, and alone. I want to be left alone. Look it up in Webster's Dictionary. A.L.O.N.E.

Just so you all will understand my reasons for the changes to the blog, I will repost the nasty anonymous comment left on my post regarding my friend's sister's death.

Yes, a tragedy and certainly a terrible loss for her family and friends. But not a murder; a terrible accident. Please be careful to report the truth, especially when a family is so affected by what you say. There is no need to add the usual drama to this; it is painful enough for them without your embellishment.

**CANDICE'S REPLY*** ((with an ID - TYVM)) said...
FYI anonymous heartless jerk...this tragedy is still under investigation. It has been described as an accident because the only witness was the boyfriend, a convicted felon who beat her, told her she would never leave him, threatened her with violence against her family(including her children) if she ever left him. HOMICIDE is still investigating the only witnesses story which happens to be the boyfriend a convicted felon with a violent history's story. Please be careful to research your smearing before you smear so as not to look like a cold heartless idiot.

Um... yeah. That was the victom's SISTER. A little pissed off about such a nasty, inconsiderate, chicken-shit "anonymous" post.

We all know who it was, who was driving from W.VA all day and who was sitting at home by her computer waiting for her trifling boi to rush back to her side.

You have so received EXACTLY what you deserved. My baggage could not have rolled off onto a better bellhop. Enjoy, darlin'!!!

I guess if you want to talk shit, you guys are gonna have to man up and STAND BEHIND WHAT YOU SAY. EVERYBODY. Friends... or otherwise. No more anonymous posts. Sorry. Some (ahem)-body had to ruin that for you all.

Most comment posts have not been blogspot users. The anonymous post option was just quick and convenient. Now you must be a blogspot member, *OR* thanks to a lovely little application... it will LOG YOUR IP ADDRESS and conveniently attach it to my e-mail notices for the new posts.

That way all threats, smears, and harrassments can be forwarded to the police to be documented and attached to my TPO (temporary protective order) files.

Another fabulous application is my lil site meter which stamps your IP address EVERY TIME YOU READ MY BLOG.

To my friends and readers: Don't worry. Your IP will not show on the post or my blog. It will only show on the e-mail notice I get.

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