Sunday, January 25, 2009

I was reminded...

Out of sheer boredom for the slow nights... it can be really fun to fuck with dispatch. Most of them don't even realize it either. That's even funnier.

Ambulance Driver had such an exchange last night apparently:
Ambulance Driver: Radio Traffic From Last Night

Dispatcher: "Borg Unit Four, you have an assault/rape at Masquerade, 1384 Waterfront. 23-year-old male at the rear entrance."

Temporary Partner: "What's Masquerade?"

Ambulance Driver: "Local gay bar. They have an awesome drag show on Wednesday nights."

Temporary Partner [on radio]: "Dispatch, where did you say the patient was again?"

Dispatcher: "Unit Four, your injury is going to be at the rear entrance."

TP: "Ummmm, okay."

Back in the old days, when Fulton County Communications handled Grady EMS's dispatching, one of our primary posts was in Buckhead. On Friday and Saturday nights we would move from our usual post at AFD Sta 21 over to the middle of the old bar district.

Much better eye candy!!!

One bar even had a huge clear glass picture window with scantily clad "window girls" who would take turns sitting precariously in a sex-swing and swinging all night, much to the delight of passers by, the foot-patrol cops, and us pervy EMS folk.

Every weekend there were the typical bar brawls. APD would respond, and request EMS to patch up the arrested party's boo-boos before hauling them to jail. Our favorite was Club Uranus!! Our self-claimed Friday and Saturday night post was in eye-shot of Uranus, and the "window girls". It made working the night shift every weekend so worth it. But nothing beat asking Fulton County Dispatch repeatedly for the name of the bar:

Fulton Co: 7916 prepare to copy. You're responding to a 23 yo male, assaulted in Uranus, APD on scene.

Grady 196: Sorry radio, can you re advise your traffic, we have a lot of crowd noise here at post...

Fulton Co: 196, you are responding to an assault in Uranus.

Grady 196: Are you advising there's an assault in Uranus?

Fulton Co: 10-4, male assaulted in Uranus. APD is on scene. Your clear to enter.

Grady 196: Clear, APD has ok'd entry to Uranus. Show us at scene... In Uranus.

That exchange could have gone on all night and never lost a single ounce of funny!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Quote

Be who you are.
Say how you feel.
Those who mind don't matter.
Those who matter won't mind.

I stole this from Dragon's blog today.
Damn good piece of plagerism if I do say so myself.

The Airway Continuum - Kelly Grayson

Looks like the embedded player isn't working.
Sorry! Yell at the folks over at!

Try this link:
EMS Blogger Kelly Grayson discusses The Airway Continuum at EMStock 2008.

The Airway Continuum is a conceptual tool that provides EMS professionals a template for providing the appropriate level of airway management for a given patient. In this brief video clip, Kelly discusses with Director, Kris Kaull, the current paradigms in EMS airway management, and how current research is driving a shift in the was EMS providers view airway management.

Ambulance Driver: For All You EMS Types...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

さようなら, arrivederci, adiós... y'all!!!

(because a foreign catch phrase makes me feel intellectually superior, damn it!)

Recovering Grady Addict will remain a totally EMS related blog, which was it's original intended purpose. The new blog will hold all the pearls relating to the more personal side of life and the folks I choose to include in it.

I have redirected my personal blogging to a new site, which those of you who know about, know about. Those of you who don't... it's for a good reason.

I have just posted an archive of personal blogs (removed from here), a reference for those of you who have expressed interest in following me on my new blogging journey.

There are those who have given drama a new definition, and for them this was fun for a while. But for me, it's just time to move on. Some of us are simply more upfront about it than others who would rather keep up appearances, play both sides of the chase, and deny to each side the truth about what they do with the other.

As for the professed misery of others and their choices in life...
It is true that you can certainly pick your friends and acquaintances. But, you still have to choose. We can only hide behind indecision for so long in life. There is never a choice between our friends and our family, only how we choose to interact and balance between the two.

Thanks, all! Hope you enjoy the new blog!
E-mail me for the new link.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Repost: Toxic Partners

a post from Ambulance Driver: "Toxic Partners"

"...We can talk about what you should expect from me."

"And what is that?"

"I'm a pretty easy guy to work with," I continued. "I only have a couple of hard and fast rules, and I consider them inviolable. Rule #1 is, what happens on the truck stays on the truck."

"Good," she agreed, "I have the same rule."

"This isn't some Code of Silence I'm talking about, BP," I explained. "I'm talking about personal stuff. You're going to be spending more time with me than you do with your kids and your boyfriend. Anything going on in your personal life that I happen to overhear, I'm not going to repeat. I expect the same from you. What happens with company business and patient care is another story, which brings me to Rule #2..."

"Which is?"

"Partners back each other up. I'm not starry-eyed enough to believe that you follow every company policy to the letter. Nobody does. And I'm not going to run to the supervisor bearing tales every time you violate a company policy. I am telling you that if you do something that I think compromises patient care or our safety, or negatively reflects on me or The Borg in the public eye, you're going to hear about it. But you're going to hear about it from me first. If I have a problem with you, I'm going to take it up with you first. If you don't fix it, then I'll get other people involved. That's all I ask of you in return."

"That's fair enough," she nodded. "I feel the same way."

"It would help if you adopted the same approach with everybody," I suggested. "I fucking hate company drama and politics, and being drawn into write-up wars. If you have a problem with another crew, take it up with them first, and politely. If they don't fix it, then I'll back you to the hilt when you take it to the supervisor. Likewise, if somebody comes to me bearing tales about you, or if I catch them talking behind your back, I'm going to back you up. I'm your partner. That's what partners do."

"I feel exactly the same way,"" she assured me, "despite what you may have heard otherwise."

"I don't care what I've heard otherwise," I answered. "I'm going to judge you by your actions, not what someone else says about you."

"Fair enough."

It's rather true in EMS that breaking this pact can cause a work partner divorce faster than anything. I've seen it happen far too often.

Today I had a rather similar discussion with my new "day husband". Almost verbatim. So far it has worked. What minuscule issue we had seems to have been resolved discretely, without drama in the presence of a patient or colleagues. Feelings weren't hurt nor were body parts ripped off of either of us. I'm crossing my fingers. I have already taken heat a couple of times in passing from supervisors - clearly letting me know that I will be held accountable to keep my partner in line because of previous (alleged) frowned upon behaviors.