Oklahoma to debut new sirens you can FEEL...

At $400 each, it will cost roughly $40k to outfit this service's entire fleet with a new siren aimed at PREVENTING future collisions by UPGRADING OUTDATED TECHNOLOGY. This new siren is designed to increase ambulance "visibility" by making inattentive drivers FEEL the ambulance that is coming their way, thus reducing the likelihood of a response related crash.

When contemplating the expenses of a basic ambulance crash:
Repair or replacing an ambulance worth $75k-$125K
Repair or replacing a civilian vehicle worth $10k-$50K
Injuries and medical expenses - potentially immeasurable.

$40K in preventative expenditures! This purchase pays for its self when it prevents the first crash!!!

This is a lesson that could be shared with OTHER EMS AGENCIES!

Spending a little money here and there for "quality" vehicle maintenance, stretcher servicing and maintenance, NEW STAIR CHAIRS and other new equipment, and YEARLY driver's training goes a long way... most especially when compared to the money spent on repetitive vehicle maintenance (for problems that NEVER get fixed after multiple trips to the repair shop), settlements on personal injury claims from patients injured on defective stretchers, settlements on personal injury claims from collisions with civilian vehicles, --- OH... AND DID I MENTION ALL THE LOST HOURS, MEDICAL EXPENSES, AND SALARY BENEFITS FOR INJURED EMPLOYEES FORCED TO UTILIZE WORKERS COMPENSATION.

On a side note... $40k is a drop in the bucket when considering an operating budget of MILLIONS of dollars, and the potential revenue from billing for EMS services!!!!

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