Friday, October 17, 2008


Allow me to introduce Lenya. Lenya is another Recovering Grady Addict. Her story is not unlike mine, or other Recovering Grady Addicts out there. Lenya's story does veer off the path a little from the rest of us. She served her time at Grady EMS, albeit short lived. For her, it only took a few months before Grady shoved their boot up her ass without the courtesy of KY.

She sustained a back injury on Oct 12, 2007 at 2:45 am, while treating a deteriorating critical patient, and has been DICKED AROUND EVER SINCE!!! Thus, another "RECOVERING GRADY ADDICT".

Grady's outdated, thrift shop valued equipment failed, causing her to sustain this injury. The pristine, yet CHEAP, stair-chair pictured to the right is the nice and pretty updated design similar to the one in question, and is in mint condition. The stair-chair in question (circa 1982) should have been replaced around 1990, has thread-bare orange vinyl where here you see green. The seat belts have long ago disintegrated, requiring backboard straps (with flimsy plastic "buckles") to be TIED to the frame as a poor substitution for YOUR family member's SAFETY!!! Regardless, it collapsed. Thus, dumping a rather sickly, but large and corn-fed fella, onto the floor. Thus, jerking Lenya over the chair and down on top of him and said stair-chair. Had they actually purchased a newer, more standard model, like the one to the left, this would have NEVER happened.

On Tuesday, Lenya had her surgery at Piedmont. Apparently having herniated disks, diagnosed by orthopaedic surgeons, is a REAL condition! And - it requires surgery!!! Who knew?

This pic is from today, after removing the adhesive dressing. It was kinda gross because the contraption looked like one big ole overnight super absorbent maxi-pad stuck to her back, running from her ass crack half way up her spine.

Now, there are some haters out there who love to scoff at the misery of others, and once again they have begun to rear their ugly heads. But as always, their smart ass sarcasm and accusations are full of hot air and will, as always, go unsubstantiated, because they are simply un-true.